Partner / Equity Partner Profile

Partner / Equity Partner

As a partner / equity partner, you bear decisive responsibility for generating business for InterSearch Executive Consultants amid a highly competitive environment.

Therefore, you have already achieved outstanding successes in business development as well as key account management and at the same time you have a command of operational management of challenging assignments – including in the international environment. You are a dynamic, self-assured entrepreneur personality with an in-depth understanding of strategic business processes, excellent industry-specific knowledge of special markets and an extremely well-developed network. In this context the decisive aspect for us is not whether you have amassed your expertise through many years of experience in the industry or in consulting. What is important to us is that you interact with your clients on an equal footing, react sensitively to their needs and use a structured and pragmatic approach.

Furthermore, you regard yourself as a motivating and inspiring senior manager with a personality characterised by innovative ideas, creativity and visionary thinking.

The possibility of acquiring a shareholding in the company exists – it is even explicitly desired. Then at the latest, your scope of responsibility will expand to include strategic responsibilities at multiple locations.

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Senior Consultant Profile

Senior Consultant

Your main task as a senior consultant is to independently handle the operational side of executive search and management audit projects. Your responsibility includes managing and strengthening existing client relationships, developing them further and realising business potential. Excellent, sustainable candidate management is a task that is just as important.

You have an in-depth understanding of business processes, an accurate perception of people and very good instincts for the needs of our clients. Your working methods are goal and results oriented with strongly developed standards of quality and reliability.

You are known for your high level of service orientation, ability to work well in teams and self-motivation as well as your trustworthy personality, enabling you to make binding decisions in the interest of our clients and candidates.

Consulting experience is an advantage. By contrast, several years of recruitment experience after completing a university degree is indispensable – ideally at the international level as well.

As a senior consultant, you expand your own business step by step and have the prospect of advancing and becoming a partner.

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Research Consultant Profile

Research Consultant

The main task of a research consultant is to successfully undertake highly challenging national and international executive search projects in an independent and systematic fashion.

You work closely together with the responsible consultant on an equal footing within a project team. To that end, you jointly prepare suitable search and approach strategies in an analytical, creative fashion and with a great deal of independent initiative. In addition, you gather information about specific business sectors, markets and individuals in a structured manner. Professional use of the internet is a matter of course for you. When approaching candidates, you succeed in assessing their personal and specialist qualities and realistically comparing that information with the client’s requirements. You know how to motivate and convince discussion partners during the process.

You are a communicative, stress-resistant and loyal individual who is accustomed to operating with absolute accuracy even under time pressure. On the other hand, you are also able to make use of your well-developed intuition and take a look at the larger picture beyond your immediate concerns. That is frequently exactly what leads to the candidates that are the most “perfect match”.

Ideally, our research consultants have had several years of successful practical experience at international executive search companies. That is always based on post-secondary studies concluded with a degree. Besides this background of experience, we can also picture establishing contact with interested individuals who have other multi-layered industrial experience.

Thomas Bockholdt would be pleased to answer all your questions relating to job applications and career via:
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