Succeeding together!

Proximity to our clients is a crucial competitive factor in the recruitment market.

Executive Search

Seeking and finding the perfect match

Today the main reason for choosing the wrong individual for key functions is that the person in question is not a perfect match.

We at InterSearch would like to find the candidate who will really fit into your company and develop further professionally there in the long term.

The prerequisite for that is mutual trust between you as the client and us as well as the resulting in-depth knowledge of your business model and concrete situation of your company. That is why our co-operation always starts with understanding your corporate culture. What your vision is, what values guide you, how your senior managers think – those are just a few examples of the interconnected aspects that we want to understand exactly. That is also the only way we can find and/or select the candidates that are suitable.

Our next steps – precise description of the position and its requirements, definition of a list of suitable target companies, identification of eligible senior managers, competent, discreet establishment of contact in person by our researchers, extensive interviewing and generation of enthusiasm in individuals who are interested by our consultants and presentation of suitable candidates at your company – have been successfully tried and tested and invariably fulfil high quality standards.

Nevertheless, individual vacancies require individual search strategies. Therefore, our procedures always reflect your own concrete situation as well. We do not work with a pigeonhole approach – we choose the respective path that is suitable for achieving a specific goal with healthy pragmatism.

What else should you expect of us?

Transparency. We want you to know where we stand with the project at all times. For that purpose, you regularly receive short, informative reports. We discuss unexpected aspects with you right away.

Objectivity. We advise you until the employment contract has been successfully concluded - and even afterwards. Moreover, you can rely on our objectivity – also because of our fixed fee model.

Ability to give and receive criticism.. Every project is different. Our processes are precise and contribute towards success. For that reason in particular, it is important for every project to end with a critical final discussion. In a spirit of partnership. Appreciative. In the interest of long-term co-operation.

Management Audit

Recognising potential, improving prospects

Management Audit. That is the systematic assessment of the competencies and achievement potential of executive personnel with a view to the strategic success of a company.

For what purposes do our clients use management audits? Quite often the situation involves strategic re-orientation, restructuring measures or diversification in new business fields. Changes in the top management, mergers, acquisition of holdings in a company or due diligence processes can also make it useful or necessary to take an independent look at management quality.

It can provide answers to questions such as “Is our management well-equipped for the current challenges?” or “Where are high performers with potential that has not been exploited yet?” or “What targeted measures are necessary for further development?”

For this process, we make use of made-to-measure structured interviews and additional tools, if needed, which make it possible to obtain well-founded statements within a very short time period. The great advantage is: clarity for owners and/or the top management as well as for the senior managers that have been audited.

And a positive side effect is: our clients confirm again and again that the auditing process itself already triggers positive changes at the company – irrespective of the results.