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Increasing need of support for top manager recruitment

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Increasing need of support for top manager recruitment
– sustainable, international staffing in demand

·   Growth of personnel consulting firm InterSearch Executive Consultants exceeds market average

Hamburg, 6th March 2013 – There is a growing demand for professional recruitment of top managers. By contrast, companies are recruiting specialists and mid-level managers themselves to an increasing degree. Those are the findings of market observation conducted by the personnel consulting firm InterSearch Executive Consultants.

“Evidently, the German business sector has invested in the qualifications and technical facilities of their HR departments – for example, know-how about recruitment with the aid of online platforms and social media is growing,” says Thomas Bockholdt, Managing Partner of the personnel consulting firm InterSearch Executive Consultants. In the view of the expert, however, the elements that are frequently lacking for successful and sustainable recruitment of managers at top levels are networks, experience and suitable selection procedures – above all at small and medium sized companies.

“Corporate culture is underestimated – one common reason that the wrong choices are made”

“Many companies still select top managers according to corporate policy aspects – or they simply fill positions with the aid of personal networks. However, even in the SME sector that often leads to disappointment for both sides – and the consequence is that the co-operation relationship ends earlier than planned,” says Thomas Bockholdt. In Bockholdt’s opinion, it is possible to avoid direct and indirect costs resulting from the necessity of relieving individuals of their duties, severance pay and new recruitment, if selection of candidates in the run-up phase is improved. In this context, the most important factors are professional, tried-and-true search and selection processes as well as suitable contacting tools. “Unlike personnel consulting firms, companies are restricted in this regard – for example, they cannot make use of direct contacting and cannot place advertisements anonymously,” points out Bockholdt.

According to the expert, it is possible to increase decision-making certainty particularly in the case of executive level positions if - in addition to interviews - diagnostic tools are used and references are obtained during the selection process. Furthermore, experience with top management recruitment as well as an unbiased outsider’s perspective play an important role. “One common reason that the wrong person is chosen is that corporate culture is not taken into account enough – above all in the SME sector. Specialised personnel consultants can quite accurately identify what the essence of that culture actually is in discussions with clients,” continues Bockholdt.

“Growing demand for recruitment that transcends national borders“

Even in the SME sector, placement of managers from Germany abroad and vice versa is becoming more and more frequent as a result of increasing globalisation. At InterSearch Executive Consultants, for example, in some recent months up to 20 percent of the positions in which candidates were placed involved recruitment across national borders. “In this area, you can only succeed in the market if you have an extensive and stable global network,” says personnel expert Bockholdt.

Networking globally and filling positions sustainably – the fact that this strategy works is demonstrated by the business development of InterSearch Executive Consultants, a founding member of the globally active InterSearch network with locations in 46 countries. For the year 2013 the personnel consultant expects turnover to grow by roughly 14 percent, which means he intends to achieve perceptibly stronger growth than the industry overall, for which a growth rate of eight to nine percent has been forecast. In the current year 2013, InterSearch Executive Consultants will be increasing the number of consultants at its German locations in Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich by 20 percent in order to cover the growing recruitment requirements for higher level managers.


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