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A private viewing at InterSearch in Hamburg

Duration of the exhibition: from 26 April to 20 June 2013

Press release

For the ninth year in succession, InterSearch Executive Consultants hosted a Private Viewing of contemporary art at their spacious offices in Hamburg. Last Thursday, over 100 art enthusiasts accepted the invitation of the well-known HR consultancy to admire works of the photographer Heike Marie Krause and the painter Anna Lena Straube. The two genial artists moderated the evening together with Thomas Bockholdt, Managing Partner of InterSearch.

Krause and Straube gave the exhibition the unusual title of “Renaissance Rodeo”. “The foundations of much contemporary painting and photography go back to the Renaissance, for example the use of perspective and the interaction of light and shadow in photography” explained Straube. Her colleague Frau Krause added her rationale for the second half of the title: “We associate “rodeo” with wildness, animal instincts and tests of courage. We would like visitors to treat the exhibition like their own personal ride at a rodeo and let the art shake them up” she said, adding that “any work of art should always create a dialogue with the viewer.”

Krause herself had to take a leap of faith regarding the space for the exhibition. “I had a blind date with the InterSearch offices” she says, adding that it had not been possible to plan how to hang each picture in advance as the artists did not have access to floor plans. The visitors to the exhibition did not seem overly worried by this: guests moved from picture to picture quite happily, enjoying animated exchanges with the two artists about their techniques and creative process.

The central themes of Krause’s photography are death, memory and the search for the remains of identity. In her work, representation becomes faded by decay, leaving behind only signs. At the end, only a vague trace of the subject and their existence remains. Straube’s paintings are surreal or dream-like; her subject is the complex thought and sensory spaces inhabited by the female search for identity. The viewer is invited to participate in a dialogue with a dynamic image of woman which is contradictory, beautiful and thought provoking.

In the course of an entertaining evening, visitors were able to learn much from the two artists: the value of a piece depends on the reputation of the artist, their professional experience and whether they attended prestigious art school. One was also able to learn that in America, exhibitions are often held in hotels.

At the end of this worthwhile event, its initiator Thomas Bockholdt was clearly very pleased: “We have succeeded in our objectives: to entertain our guests, offer new insights into the contemporary art market and cultivate networking.”

Duration of the exhibition: from 26 April to 20 June 2013
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. or arrange an appointment via phone

See photographs of the private viewing here:
private viewing 26 April – 20 June 2013.pdf


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