Executive Diagnostics

Our Executive Diagnostic Processes are carried out by interdisciplinary teams of psychologists and business managers who assess candidates using intensive interviews and exercises based on realistic professional situations. We apply this form of systematic assessment in the following three areas:

Management Audits

Answering the question:
Can our management team deal with future challenges to our company successfully? Do we have a good mix of strengths on board? What actions should be recommended based on our conclusions, both for the individual and for the whole management team, so that the company remains competitive and can continue succeed.

Development Center / Potential Analysis

These methods act as a de facto description of where we are and as a result, describe the strengths and potential of our leadership as well as indicating the personnel development measures to be recommended. The use of development centers allows for a targeted – rather than a scatter-gun – approach to personnel development. In addition, these initiatives generate motivation internally and send a positive signal to the outside world: key word “employer branding”!

Executive Assessments

The outcome of a selection process depends on a good fit of person and environment. An Executive Assessment uses a detailed description of the position in order to evaluate how well the personal profile of a candidate matches the requirements of the target position and of the future employment environment.

The validity of our approach to aptitude diagnostics is important to us. Many years ago, we decided that Executive Assessments, Development Centers and Management Audits should be carried out according to the principles of multiple methodologies and wherever possible, multiple perspectives. The multiple methodology approach consists of structured interviews, accompanying tasks for behavioral observation and diverse online tools which may be used to assess a candidate´s “typical behavior” at work, their suitability for agile working or their personal motivation.
On principle, all aptitude diagnostic measures are carried out by two experienced consultants who subsequently harmonize their impressions in order to achieve the most objective overall picture.

Naturally, we ensure that the guidelines of the DSGVO are met for all aptitude diagnostics as well as for the use of all online tools.

Delivering MORE through profound analysis

You want to know more about our Diagnostics Processes? Our Managing Partner Thomas Bockholdt will be happy to answer your initial queries on +49 (0)40 – 46 88 42 0 or at  t.bockholdt@intersearch-executive.de

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